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Irving SH183 Update


We attended the 1st Irving presentation on the SH183 Vision.  The city is proposing a major makeover for the highway 183 region, as TXDOT will expand the system from 10 lanes to 18.  Some of the key goals is to make the area much more appealing to residents as well as visitors and to make the area more sustainable. 


The city views this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent the image of Irving.  Please get involved and let the officials at Irving know that this vision should be of a vibrant, progressive city that views bicycles as a key component of making the city healthy, safe, clean and fun place to live.  Along the new SH183 is a key opportunity to design key bicycle avenues that will allow resident and visitors to safely travel in, through and around Irving on a bicycle, as well showcase the city as a progressive leader in the future of sustainable transportation. 


As the expansion of SH183 shows, it is impossible to keep throwing more lanes for more cars as a solution to traffic issues.  This expanision is increasing the lanes by a whopping 80%, at a cost of 100s of millions of dollars, while a complete bicyle network for the city would be a fraction of the costs. 


We are not opposed to the 183 expansion; we only hope that they will consider alternatives which could take cars off the road instead of always adding more lanes.



“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” ~John F. Kennedy