Bicycle Friendly Grapevine


So, how can you help?  There are a few easy things to do to let the city leaders and business owners now that bicycles are here to stay!  Here are a couple of ideas:


1).  Ride your bike to local businesses and do 2 simple things:

            a).   Politely ask “Do you have bike Parking”?

            b).   Carry your helmet in, or even better, wear your helmet in!


2).  Simply spread the word about the joy of riding a bike – Tell 1 person a day about the simple pleasure of riding a bike.


3).  Email the Grapevine city officials and let them know that you would like Grapevine to become more Bicycle Friendly.  A simple note goes along way, so drop them a quick line and let them know how you feel.  Below is a brief email list:


Grapevine City Council

Mayor William D. Tate –

C. Shane Wilbanks –

Sharron Spencer –

Mike Lease –

Darlene Freed –

Chris Coy –

Roy Stewart –


Grapevine City Manager

Bruno Rumbelow –


Chief of Police

Eddie Salame –


4).  Check back often – We will be adding new ideas, meetings to attend etc…..


Thank you………and remember


On a Bicycle, you can go a great distance in a short time, or a short distance in a great time!


“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” ~John F. Kennedy